Treatment Options

Orthodontic treatment modifies the position of teeth using constant pressure over a length of time, using fixed or removable devices. They are appropriate for children starting at age 6 and for adults. With modern techniques that are constantly evolving, the treatment is shorter, more comfortable, and more discreet.


The Damon System : less pressure and more comfort

damonThe Damon system is the latest technology in braces, associated with light forces and conceived to stimulate the necessary dental movement gently. Clinical studies show excellent results: faster treatment time and improved comfort.

The principle. Damon braces, reduced in size, are equipped with a slide mechanism which maintains the orthodontic archwires without ties. The ceramic braces of the Clear series, used for anterior teeth have no visible metal parts, nor yellowing ties during the treatment.

The specificity. The arch isn’t tight. It works to its potential using light forces. The low friction facilitates the tooth movement in harmony with the muscular force of the lips, cheeks and tongue.

The advantages. The results are quicker, the hygiene and comfort are better. In many cases, using the Damon system avoids tooth extraction and jaw surgery.

Incognito Lingual braces, totally invisible

inconitoAn alternative to conventional techniques, the Incognito system treats most orthodontic problems. Totally invisible, attached to the inside of the teeth, the Incognito braces are ideal for those who, for professional or private reasons, do not wish to compromise their appearance.

Braces that are pleasant to wear. The technological process used leads to the creation of braces that are perfectly adapted to the teeth. Designed for you and extremely flat, they ensure a high degree of comfort without pronunciation difficulties.

As efficient as labial braces. The results are equivalent to visible treatment techniques. Ideal for patients who are allergic to nickel, the Incognito braces are made from a gold alloy.

Invisalign System, for more comfort

invisalignThe Invisalign treatment moves teeth using removable, transparent (and nearly invisible) aligners that are changed every two weeks and worn a minimum of twenty hours a day. They are removed during meals and tooth brushing. Each aligner corresponds to a dental movement of 0.2mm. They are individually manufactured to fit snugly on your teeth using specialised software that allows your doctor to visualize the desired tooth movement. The teeth progress little by little with each new aligner.

Advantage. This system is adapted to minor corrections, for adults as well as teenagers. It easily becomes a part of day-to-day routine.

Procedure. The impression of your teeth is digitalized and a 3D model is made. Then, between 18 and 36 aligners are tailor-made for a treatment of 9 to 18 months, with visits every 4 to 6 weeks.


InsignaA synthesis of modern digital technology that is designed to give every patient a truly customized smile, the Insignia process allows the highest precision in adapting braces and orthodontic wires to the specific needs of each tooth. Using the software, each stage of the process can be visualised:. what you see is what you’ll get. The customized approach reduces time consuming adjustments in all phases of treatment, making appointments shorter and optimising clinical efficiency.


In certain cases the use of jaw surgery (orthognatic surgery) must be considered. The most frequent cases involve skeletal discrepancy, a traumatic dental occlusion, or a dysfunction of the jaw joint. A team assembling several specialists (orthodontist, maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist) coordinates its skills to provide the best result.

The operation is performed from the inside of the buccal cavity, without external signs. After several days, external swelling disappears and no trace of the surgery is left.

Length of surgical treatment

  • Pre- surgical phase: 12 to 18 months of orthodontic treatment, generally with fixed braces.
  • Surgical time: a few hours for the operation and two to three days in hospital.
  • Post-surgical
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jacques-yves assor“A new treatment philosophy. The Damon system is a self-ligating orthodontic brace, but beyond that, it’s an original approach that unites high technology mechanisms with an aesthetic analysis of the face.”

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