For adults

Kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from orthodontics. People who didn’t undergo adequate orthodontic treatment in their youth have a legitimate need. Whether your goals are purely aesthetic or completely medica, l following the request of your primary dentist, we will listen to you, understand your needs, and advise the best course of action.


Adapted to each case, braces can be discreet, with transparent materials, or completely invisible on the inside of your teeth, without affecting your speech.


All treatments require some adjustments, as well as support of your family or partner, but the result will benefit many aspects of your life: full smiles, more confidence in social situations, rediscovering the pleasure of savoring/tasting food, balanced breathing, and restful sleep.


Life is full of smiles at all ages. Increasing life expectancy, technical advances, healthier lifestyles, and the rising importance of image in our society all justify the use of orthodontic treatment for seniors. The results will live up to expectations.

In pictures: from disorder to balance

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jacques-yves assor“Beyond a simple, necessary therapeutic response, your smile is a call to others, the radiance of your face and the expression of your personality.””
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