What is the cost of health care ?

Orthodontic treatments are covered by the Assurance Maladie (French health care system), as long as you receive a prior written agreement and if treatment begins before your 16th birthday. The price of orthodontic treatment varies greatly and all treatment plans come with a written estimate.

The first appointment

Without any commitment, the first appointment allows us to give you information that will allow you to understand your situation. The price varies between 50 and 90 euros, 23 of which are reimbursed by Social Security. The rest of the reimbursement depends on what kind of private additional coverage you have.

The Treatments

The social health system requires that the treatment be paid on a six-month basis, and only reimburses partial costs if the treatment begins before the sixteenth birthday of the patient, on the condition of a prior written agreement. Beyond those conditions, the reimbursements depend on your private insurance.

Before the age of 16, social security reimburses 193,50 € per six months. The rates can be viewed on the Assurance Maladie website: ameli.fr

Social Security limits the active treatment to six semesters with two additional years necessary for the follow-up visits concerning obtained results (161,25 € the first year and 107,50 the second year).

Since your treatment is personalized, the price of one semester of orthodontics will be between 700 € and 1200 €. The price can be higher if exceptional therapeutic needs arise.

The results are impressive. You managed to move my teeth into near perfection. I heartily thank you for the quality of your work, as well as that of your assistants.

Annette, 65

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