As you said at the beginning of my treatment, you need to be highly motivated to undertake such a project. The result was unexpected and beyond all my hopes. Congratulations. In the end, two years wasn’t so long. Thank you for this new smile and I would almost say new face!

Florence, 25 ans

It was an important stage in my life, a last challenge to get through that stage. Dr. Assor managed to establish trust. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, I thank you.

Jean-Charles, 40

There was a before and an after. The result is truly what I had hoped for. I benefited from your professionalism, from your listening to me, and from all of the answers to my worried questions, all in a pleasant setting. Thanks to the whole team.


After nearly 3 years, I have the pleasure of smiling…without any shame. A big thank you to your whole team for your art and your skills which were often so impressive.


“A smile costs nothing and produces a lot. It enriches the person who receives it without taking away from the person who gives it.” Today, I can give my warming smile, because it finally reflects who I really am. Thanks to Dr. Assor for his investment in my project and his professionalism that made it possible. Thanks to the whole team for their welcome and their availability.

Valérie, 43 ans

The decision was long and difficult to make. Nonetheless, taking the step was worth it as the results are beyond what I hoped for. After 3 years, what a pleasure to eat and smile…what happiness. It’s the result of hard, precise work, like jewelry making. So, simply, thank you !


You worked miracles. We got along so well that the treatment was extended a few months so that you could reach the perfection that you value so highly. The results are impressive. You managed to move my teeth into near perfection. I heartily thank you for the quality of your work, as well as that of your assistants.

Annette, 65 ans

So happy to have completed this long-term project (a gift for my 40 th birthday), and to finally have a pleasant smile. I recommend Dr Assor to mothers and fathers and will probably come back with my own kids.

Adeline, 17 ans

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